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Trip Report: Lady-in-Red Sails Southern and Mid Lake George
July 20, 2003


Following a superb week on Lake Champlain, we headed south to Lake George for a few days of sailing and family visits.

Kathie had been there many years ago. She remembers the lake with fondness.

That's probably because Lake George is incredibly beautiful. A visual delight of mountains and vistas that surround its pristine expanse of environmentally protected waters.

But we probably won't return again because Lake George also features powerboats as thick as mosquitoes, at least across its central and southern sections. They swarm, going every which way, seemingly without much of a care what their wake is doing or who they are heading for.

The party doesn't necessarily end at dark. Our first overnight found us listening to apparently beered-up young people at 2 am on a powerboat moving at break neck speed. Do that in Maine's Casco Bay and Darwin's principle will balance out the boating population.

We launched at Norowal Marina at Bolton Landing on the west side of the lake, near the central portion. I have to say they have their act together. They maintain order and keep things moving. They are professional. They help you park your trailer and give you a ride back to the marina. They give you a place to step the mast. They try to be as accommodating as they can. We recommend them.

One thing of interest - in one of the shops they had antique boats and boat engines. A 2 hp engine from 1916 wasn't all that much different in principle from the new 2 HP honda which pushed our dingy. Lots more plastic in my engine however!

Cost wise, launching at the marina, obtaining the required Lake George Commission sticker, and parking for two cars translated into something like $125 for three days. So, be prepared.

There is a state park and launching area in the southern most part of the Lake. I have no idea about features/parking etc, but it might be worthwhile investigating.

All in all, the draw of Lake George is its stand-out beauty. Mountains and hills surrounding are striking. It's probably worth sailing once. Perhaps repeat sailings are possible in the northern end, which we did not try. But because of the power boat issue, we'll stick to Lake Champlain, Maine's Lake Sebago or Maine's Casco Bay area as preferred places to enjoy sailing.

Rick Dieffenbach


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