2009 Summer Frostbite cruise

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2009 Summer Frostbite cruise

Post by Mildred Rose » Sun Jun 28, 2009 8:02 pm

by Paul Seeberg
s/v/s Mildred Rose

Since this summer has had more rain than sun, we figured we would chance an outing ourselves this weekend, despite so-so forecast. As Jimmy Buffett would say, we second guessed the weather girl!

Saturday morning started out OK. Decent weather, a bit of fog on the Hinghan Harbor, but still acceptable. The forecast said stray t-storms over night, and possibly Sunday afternoon. Sounds lousy.. but better than nothing!

I got the boat rigged, launched her...looking out at Boston.. still more fog than I would like... Motor out through Hingham Bay.. not getting any better. I think we need to call it. So we did. Snuck into 'World's End' to see if it would pass. Of course we don't have THAT kind of luck!

So we had our own lil happy hour with cheeze and crackers.. used the internet with my blackberry's wireless feature (yes I am a dork) . Got to try out the SPOT device as well to track our (very short) voyage! Had some dinner later on. Made some coffee, which always seems to taste better on the boat !

Before bed, checked the forecast. It is getting worse.. We need to pull out asap Sunday to beat the tide and the weather. Off to bed for an early 6am rise!

Sunday morning is even worse..cold.. drizzly..foggy...Feels like a frostbrite cruise in June! I don my foul weather gear.. my new foul weather hat.. stat the motor.. make our way out of worlds end..fighting the light fog past the Hingham yacht club, through the channel to the dock.

Still misting out as the boat is guided onto the trailer..not the most fun recovering the boat in the rain.. but it has to be done. I start to break down the boat.. take the boom off, take most of the gear out of the boat.. as Millie goes for coffee and breakfast!

We take a short breakfast break before I finish taking down the mast.....Now for a change of warm clothes..turn the heat up to high in the Rover..get some feeling back in my feet!

So this is summer frostbite cruising in New England!


Paul Seeberg
Mildred Rose
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