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Webmaster and other News

Post by Tsatzsue » Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:03 am

Hello all,

Just a quick shout out to Paul for upholding his duties as Webmaster. His diligent efforts are what keep this site going. he just spent a lot of his time pulling off the last hack. We suspect the N. Korean government but findings are still inconclusive.

Second it is with great honor that I now hold the elected position of Commodore. My Commodore's address will be coming as well as my long overdue ramp reports. I promise!!

I am looking forward to the sailing season and I am tuning in my list of need to do's to the boat. Ignition, wiring systems overhaul, mast crutch rework, motor mount, POR15 my new trailer springs, Trailer touch up etc... Some day I will just be able to hook her up and sail. Yah Right!! You really need to be able to think on your sea legs with these boats. I don't think I have ever had a trip without one major calamity. Overcome of course!!

I will leave you till next time with just a few of my misadventures on the Tsatzsue.............

Trailer wheel passes me on the mass pike at 65mph in Sunday afternoon, Father's day traffic, Mast Crutch left bolted in on a night launch into Buzzards Bay- inability to steer under full sail causing to run aground, Motor catching fire while at anchor(hence ignition and wiring rework), Motor mount breaking in the west end canal chop(I now know what the mechanical bull ride must be like), Losing all electrical power while trying to navigate into Hadley Harbor at midnight, Realizing that what my wife though was land was actually an oil tanker directly crossing our path- at 11:30 pm, Rigging still screams at 25kts wind at night(white caps are still white even if you can't see them, I peeked with spotlight), A lobster pot will stop the boat, even under full sail, A Mac can resemble a life saving skiff leaving the beach in chop while exiting the Westport river (friends face is still colorless), New spark plugs every year(no clarification needed here), Always, always pull dingy on shore past the tide line especially if the water is 55 degrees(thanks for the kayak Ally), If you run aground on a receding tide make sure you do it at dinner time and have lots of wine (look for the seagulls standing on the water, bad sign), You can operate the engine throttle by hand for hours at a time for an entire weekend when the throttle cable breaks before leaving harbor(decision was made to sail to Cuttyhunk anyway, no wind coming home motored for 3 hrs, thumb is still numb, nail has grown back), the bottom of a V25 is surprisingly and very visibly flexible when the 650# keel swings from the failed winch in the East End chop of the canal over and over(thank you bungy)

More to come.....You don't become an experienced sailer by sailing on calm water!!

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