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Help MacGregor 23 Venture

Post by Ward » Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:02 am

I own a 1978 Venture of Newport with the Pilot Cutter Bow and wooden bow sprit. Have decided to restore the boat after extensive internal water damage from a broken cockpit drain hose that put two feet of water in the boat and also resulted in boat mold. Inside the boat top or upper half interior surfaces on (not hull surface) with the portals, pop top and area directly below the upper deck have noticed constant fine white flaking especially when brushing against the surfaces. It’s like the interior white paint is flaking off the internal gel coat. I have some mold and am scrubbing these surfaces with Dawn soap to neutralize. I am considering applying a shellac based white primer-sealer product called BIN 1-2-3. Company salesmen have had different opinions with the shellac being too stiff or it would have sufficent flexibility for the flexing MacGregor fiberbglass deck. As a result the questions I have are:
1. What is causing the white interior flaking inside the upper half of the boat?
2. After washing and scrubbing the white interior flakes, what permanent product would you recommend to seal the fiberglass surface, add a new white color and is a mold inhibitor?
3. Has any one else had this issue? If yes, how was it repaired?
Please advise and Thank you.
Ward Utterback,

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