This spring's modifications to our 26M

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This spring's modifications to our 26M

Post by Mildred Rose » Wed May 07, 2008 6:49 pm

I just finished (still have more to do) some modifications to our 04M.

I made a new carpet for the floor. We got some nice commercial carpet from building 19! I bound it with sunbrella binding (we have a sailrite sewing machine that can go through it).

I also made some deck window sunshades made out of new sunbrella 'shade' material that filters light through! It attaches to the window with commercial velcro.

I also made some cockpit pockets to replace the original ones I made that were just 'not right'. I made a pocket that will fit the chart books we use, and one to hold stuff like suntan lotion and stuff. Never enough pockets on a boat!!

I also secured one of the boathooks to the ceiling of the cabin for quick access from the cockpit. Works out great!

I also installed a remote mic in the cockpit for the new VHF radio we got (still need to install)

Many more mods to come.. but here are some Pictures (click here)

Here is one picture of the sunshade (also see we have a big picture in the head bulkhead, and a vent in the hatch. 1 of 2 big fire ext on the bulkhead in front of the head

Paul S

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