Monomoy Sail

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Monomoy Sail

Post by Tsatzsue » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:18 am

Had a great time sailing Nantucket sound this weekend. We sailed from Saquatucket Harbor to Monomoy. Pretty rough seas made for an interesting sail. Thankfully Stage harbor was not far at all. Free courtesy moorings as well! The area around Monomoy was really cool and a good location for our shallow draft boats. We actually got stuck pretty good exploring the new cut near Nausett. Miles of sand bars and unmarked rivers going through them. Tricky navigation and nothing on the charts is current due to constantly changing shoals. We actually were surrounded by seals in the dingy at one point. Really Cool.

The 3:00 am thunderstorm with torrential rain was our first. We came through surprisingly dry and not electrocuted. Through both storms! A good start. We had coffee on the bow while being entertained by harbor seals and kite boarders in the morning. The winds did not cease but we decided to pull up the sheets and have an exciting day of sailing none the less. Sue was at the helm and Grace was hanging on to the bow rail as the 2-5 foot seas rocked the Tsatz. Roller reefing worked great. Small jib and 1/3 reef made it enjoyable. Unfortunately the pics came out poor due to the overcast conditions all weekend.

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Re: Monomoy Sail

Post by OverEasy » Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:04 am

Sounds like a great time! It's always interesting to read about your big-family small-boat adventures!
Unfortunately, personal circumstances dictate that I curtail my sail outings for a while... so I will be living vicariously thru yours! :D

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