2012 Sail to Hadley's Harbor - Buzzard's Bay

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2012 Sail to Hadley's Harbor - Buzzard's Bay

Post by Mildred Rose » Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:36 pm

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2012 Buzzard's Bay sailing and Hadley's Harbor
This past weekend, we wanted to keep it simple. We decided to sail Buzzard's bay, and anchor in Hadley's Harbor. Hadley's is a great, beautiful harbor near the entrance to Wood's Hole, on the Buzzard's Bay side.

We left Marion Saturday morning. We had some good wind, and sailed around Buzzard's Bay for a bit. It was a bit cool, due to the North East wind, but enjoyable


We got to Hadleys, went into the inner harbor, and located an open mooring. Although it is marked private, we risked getting kicked off and picked it up, saving us from having to use our own anchor.

It was a big late and a bit cold to warrant inflating the dinghy and go exploring, so we nixed that idea.


We relaxed once we were secure on the mooring, had some snacks and drinks. Read a little and used the computer. There was a free, decent power, wi-fi connection to boot! What a deal!

We had our dinner, sausages and boat fries...later on had some coffee.

Sunday, we got going, departed Hadleys. It was early enough, and had decent wind. A bit sunnier than Saturday, but not by much. Since we flattened the house battery bank due to a lot of power usage and little motor running, we motored for a while to top off the batteries. We raised the sails and had some nice sailing!


We sailed around for a while, then headed towards Marion. We sailed into the harbor, dropped the sails, and motored back to our mooring.


A great, nice, relaxing, if a bit cold, weekend!

Paul and Millie Seeberg
Mildred Rose
1968 Ohlson 38

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