Ramp Report - South Dartmouth, MA - Apponagansett Park

Information on boat ramps. Please do a reality check before using any information here!
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Ramp Report - South Dartmouth, MA - Apponagansett Park

Post by OverEasy » Wed Jun 11, 2014 9:27 am

Town of South Dartmouth, MA

Location: Apponagansett Park (Padanaram)

Body of water: Apponagansett Bay / Buzzards Bay

Facility description: Public access facility. Fifty 50’ long truck / trailer parking spaces.

Ramp description:
Ramp consists of two paved 20’ wide by 100’ long lanes of shallow slope. There is no walk-on dock. A 100’ long pier leads to a 70’ long floating tie up dock for boarding.

Notes: Launching at this facility requires passing thru the Padanaram Bridge (swing-type bridge)

Bridge info per Dartmouth Harbormaster (508)-999-0759

Opening Schedule: From May through October, the bridge opening schedule is as follows:

  • 6AM - 8 AM : On the hour and half-hour
    8 AM - 8 PM : On the hour
    8 PM - 9 PM : On the hour and half-hour

Requesting Openings

To request a bridge opening, hail the bridge tender on VHF Channel 13.
You can also request an opening by calling (508) 910-7107.
If you have no communication equipment at your disposal, you should approach the bridge a few minutes prior to a scheduled opening and sound 3 Short Blasts with your horn in the vicinity of the bridge.

Launch / parking fees: $5 daily – ends midnight, $35 for the season, by envelope drop-box.

Info contact: Commonwealth of Mass. / Dept. of Fish & Game

Aerial view: LINK

Website: LINK

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