Ramp Report - Wolfeboro NH - Town Ramp

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Ramp Report - Wolfeboro NH - Town Ramp

Post by OverEasy » Tue May 22, 2012 7:32 pm

Town of Wolfeboro Boat Ramp

Location: Wolfeboro, NH

Body of Water: Wolfeboro Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee

Facility Description: Downtown Wolfeboro waterfront, Cate Park, docks,ramp, and parking lot. Tight and busy parking lot with one-way loop to approach the ramp. No onshore rigging area. Backing approach to ramp requires S-turn as ramp is not aligned with exit path. Plentiful public stationary docks. Public restrooms. Off-site trailer parking.

Ramp Description: Paved approach, shallow slope, 12’ wide concrete slab. Launch dock is parallel with ramp allowing for easy float on / float off of trailer. Posted section for 15 minute launch tie-up.

Launch fee: FREE

Trailer Parking: Cross Main St., go down Railroad Ave. past the “Wolfeborough” train station and Wolfeboro Oil Co. to the parking lot overlooking Back Bay (.25 mile from ramp). There are nine truck / trailer spaces that require backing into with trailers on the grass. Trailer parking is free. This lot is shared with non-trailer vehicles that sometimes park in trailer spaces.

Webcam: Does not show ramp, but is good for viewing wind & weather conditions on Wolfeboro Bay. Link: Wolfecam

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