Haul out cruise

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Haul out cruise

Post by Mildred Rose » Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:33 pm

Full report is here

Haul out of our Ohlson 38

All good things come to an end....same goes with this season.

Sadly, have to haul out at some point. We extended the seaon longer than normal.

Departed Marion for Mattapoisett so we could be hauled out by Brownell's System.

Once out of the harbor, set the autopilot to motor out into Buzzard's Bay. It was a great day, a bit of a nip in the air, but not bad. Had a light jacket on. Didn't need anymore than that.

Once in the bay, still on Autopilot, I figured I should get to work to prepare to be hauled. I removed the tape and cotter pins on the turnbuckles, and straighened the pins in the cleavis pins.

Once in Mattapoisett harbor, had about an hour to be hauled out. I was presented with a lot of vacent mooring balls. I picked one near the ramp, so I could finish breaking the boat down to prepare for haulout.

I removed the boom, ridgid boom vang, main sheet, dodger, mast wiring, etc.

Just my luck, just as I am finishing breaking down the boat, a sailboat comes by and lets me know I am on his mooring! How could I pick the only one where the owner was coming back. He was good about it.. let me finish and he circled the harbor for 15 minutes or so.

Once Brownell arrived, I dropped the mooring, and headed into the ramp to the trailer. Slowly made my way to the trailer, trying not to go to slow to lose steering, while not going to fast to hit the trailer too hard! There are no brakes on boats!

Once on the trailer, was hauled out. The Brownell team made short work removing the mast and preparing to be hauled back to the yard.

Back at Brownell's, the bottom is power washed and put on stands in the yard.
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