2010 Hadley Harbor

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2010 Hadley Harbor

Post by Mildred Rose » Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:33 pm

Our trip to Hadley Harbor

Topping off a great sailing season, we decided to take a short romp to Hadley Harbor. A short 3-4 hour sail each way. With the launch service at our boat yard much shorter, we needed to be back early on Sunday.

We were hesitant to sail this weekend, as the marine forecast was marginal at best. But we figured, this late in the season, we needed to be a bit less picky. Plus it might give me a chance to try out my new foul weather gear!

We departed Marion early Saturday morning, after a quick breakfast and coffee. With a nice breeze, far less than the 15-20 predicted, we had a nice beam/broad reach across the bay towards the hole. It was a bit nippy, but not bad out there. There was not much sun, but no rain or bad seas...Once we got close to Wood's Hole, the seas picked up, as well as the wind! Talk about great timing.. so I guess the forecast was right.. we just beat the bad weather!

We motored into the harbor, which is usually packed tight, to find it lightly populated! We picked up an unused mooring with little drama. Had a good lunch, played with Millie's new cell phone, relaxed.. We forget sometimes how beautiful the harbor is. Quite scenic, quiet, and well protected.

We had a nice dinner later, played on the internet a bit (yes I am a bit of a geek), had some coffee.. just relaxed!

It was quite nippy overnight, not overly cold, but cold enough. In the morning, we got an early start to ensure we got back to Marion in time to gather our things and secure the boat before the launch service stopped. We had a nice hot breakfast, started the coffee, which threw some heat into the cabin. Made some eggs, OJ, etc. Everything tastes so much better on the boat!

Got the boat ready to depart, motored out of the harbor, into Buzzard's Bay, to a light breeze, again, far less than the predicted weather. It was enough to get us moving on a beam reach back to Marion. Just set the sails, and made good time and very uneventful..which is always good!

Once at our mooring, getting ready to leave, thinking this was probably the last sail of the season. We are thankful for such good weather this season! Makes up for some lousy seasons in the past!

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