2010 Martha's Vineyard- tashmoo sail

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2010 Martha's Vineyard- tashmoo sail

Post by Mildred Rose » Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:25 am

All the pictures can be found here http://www.seeberg.com/phpAlbum/main.ph ... _vineyard/

Our SPOT adventures page is here for track/pictures/log/etc http://www.spotadventures.com/trip/view?trip_id=220109

Haven't been to Martha's Vinyard in a couple years, always seem to hit bad weather when we plan on going. This year, the weather cooperated..making up for the missed trips.

Got a good start..timing the Wood's hole current and High tide, to ensure we get over Middle Ground, just outside Tashmoo.

Left Marion, did not have a lot of wind, so we motor-sailed to the hole. 2-5 kt wind, we were not going anywhere in a hurry! Left the mainsail up as we motored to the hole.. I don't know what was going on, if it was a motorboat-large wake convention or what, be there were more large powerboats leaving insane wakes in the hole as we passed through it. Tossing us around like we were a toy!

When we got through the hole, Vinyard Sound had some decent wind..finally.. unfurled the headsail, got a good bearing on Tashmoo. Had a great sail across... passed over Middle Ground without issue..motored into the pond, hugging the north side of the channel, as the other side is pretty shallow..despite what the charts say!


It was pretty packed in the lake.. motored down..found a few decent spots.. then at the back, there was a NICE quiet large area to drop anchor. Looked like something out of the movies.. soo pretty..quiet.. and, pretty much, in our back yard!


Inflated the dingy.. motored to the town dock.. walked to town.. got an ice cream at Mad Marthas..of course! Walked around town.. did some sightseeing.. motored back to the boat.. saw another Ohlson 38! Motored over to chat with them. We know them from a past encounter! Spent some time on their boat for a bit..chatting.. went back to our boat..had some dinner - roast chicken, corn, 'boat fries'.. some reading..some internet (yes im a geek) ..


Had a nice breakfast of eggs and cheese, coffee.. spent the day relaxing..Had to wait for a favorable current through Woods Hole.

Had a perfect sail back.. right to the hole.. through the hole.. far fewer boats..which was a nice change of pace! Sailed Buzzard's bay back to Marion..Winds shifted and got dicy for a bit, but got through it..

Got back to the mooring in time for the launch to bring us back to shore..
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