2010 Tarpaulin Cove weekend

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2010 Tarpaulin Cove weekend

Post by Mildred Rose » Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:53 am

Just a short jaunt around Buzzard's bay, sailing into the wind..or as best we can..zig zagging to Wood's Hole, sailing VInyard Sound, to Tarpaulin Cove.

Started out leaving the Mooring.. noticed a LOT of sailboat s with lots of people on them.. then I remembered there was race this weekend. Leaving the harbor, Buzzard's Bay was, well, abuzz with sailboats in a bunch of races... There are large sailboats, racing sailboats, lil lazer and sunfish sailboats..all sailing around. Twice we had close encounters with other boats and had to sound warning blasts on the horn to alert the other boats that we were there!

Once in Buzzard's Bay, we headed for Cleaveland's ledge, trying (not so well) to avoid the races, Once past the ledge, just zig zagged up to the hole to get there in time to get the favorable current.

Once in the hole, of course, there are powerboats wanting to go through wide open throttle, casting wild wakes to us slower sailboats. A bit frustrating, but we made it through unscathed.

Continuted sailing Vinyard Sound, zig zagged a couple times til we got to the anchoring spot in Tarpauilin Cove. There was a US Coast Guard ship anchord there when we got there, a few sail and power boats already anchored.

Once anchored, had a nice dinner - Chicken sausages, brocolli, and my famous boat fries, and Caesar Salad.

Got a great night sleep. Perfect sleeping weather, a bit cool, but comfortable. The morning brought a decent chop, maybe 1 or so foot waves in the bay, Made some coffee, which, for some reason, always tastes better on the boat!

After breakfast, picking up the boat, lifted the anchor and sailed back up VInyard sound to shoot the hole again. Had favorable South wind pushing us back up the Sound. Going through the hole was uneventful for a change!

Once back in Buzzards Bay, we located where the races were still going on, we sailed to avoid them the best we could. Sailed where the wind was. Sailed a beam reach across the bay, then did a run up the bay to Marion,

Had some of the fastest speeds yet. Reached 8 knots over the ground and 7.5 knots through the water. Was a pleasureable sail! Once near Marion, took down the sails, and motored to the mooring,

Was a nice simple but fun sail.

No pictures taken on this sail, but you can see our trail on SPOT Adventures:
Paul S

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