2010 Plymouth and Provincetown vacation

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2010 Plymouth and Provincetown vacation

Post by Mildred Rose » Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:51 am

We decided to take a little vacation on the boat, try some new destinations, as well as go through the Cape Cod Canal for the first time!

Our first port of call was Plymouth. We made reservations at the Plymouth Yacht Club in Plymouth Harbor. We left just after 9 Saturday..motored out of Buzzard's Bay, down the Cape Cod Canal..was a nice ride..Once in Cape Cod Bay, we raised the sails for a sail up to Plymouth.

Once in Plymouth, we went ashore for a walk around town, Had dinner at a nice restaurant...spent some time at the yacht club enjoying the nice night!

In the morning..we depart for Provincetown. We have (predicted) good wind. Of course things don't always go as planned! Just outside the harbor, I decide to take a swim..and clean the speed transducer..well I decided to do that shortly after grounding! I was just (maybe 20') out of the channel, in clearly deep enough (16') water, but you can't always believe the charts! Hit a sandbar and got stuck, just before low tide. Several attempts to get ungrounded failed. So what do I do..don my swimtrunks and go swimming! In about 5 feet of water..nice sandy bottom..great swimming. While out there, I cleaned off the paddlewheel (speed sensor) to get the knot meter working again! An hour or so later, as the tide came in, there was just enough water..and a big wake from a passing boat, got the boat ungrounded..and we were away!

After that romp in Plymouth ... raised the sails and made a b-line for Provincetown! Sailed a while..then the wind died..so we had to motor a bit to get there in decent time. Picked up our mooring at Flyer's rentals.. Went to shore on their launch..which was a beat up pontoon boat! It was not very well fendered, but we were careful not to scratch our boat.

Once ashore, we took a nice shower, and walked around town. It was quite hopping..to say the least..well it IS P-town. We couldn't stay too long ,as the launch stops running at 8.

Back on the boat, we had a nice dinner and much needed rest!

In the morning, went ashore again, walked around town, had some coffee at a nice coffee shop..walked the pier...then the sky opened up..downpoured for a while..and rained on and off .. all day.. had a nice lunch before going back aboard the boat. Had a nice dinner on the boat.. coffee later in the evening..

Tueday morning, got up, had a nice breakfast..coffee, Getting ready to go back through the canal. No rush as we had to get there around 5ish. with predicted 5kt wind, we got a fairly early start. Surprised at having 10-15 kt wind on a beam reach.. we made the canal in record time. Now we had some time to kill.. so we just sailed randomly..just to kill time. had a great time.. good wind for a while to sail in. Once we got near the time to go though the canal, we lowered the sails and motored through the canal.. and back to the mooring in Marion.

Wed morning, we got up ..picked up the boat and took the launch back to shore.. a great time.. our longest cruise so far.

All the pictures can be found here http://www.spotadventures.com/trip/pict ... _id=214685

The SPOT adventures page can be found here http://www.spotadventures.com/trip/view?trip_id=214685 (includes trail, pictures, etc)





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