Karamal's January Adventure

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Karamal's January Adventure

Post by Mildred Rose » Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:46 am

sumbitted by the webmaster for Al and Karen Hill

JANUARY 20,2010

Hi there Karamal here,

We are leaving soon I can tell-- Al has been climbing all over me with big boots trying to clean the snow off my cover and from from around the wheels of my trailer. It's so cold I wish he would hurry up - I want the warm water under my hull and a nice warm wind in my sail--Florida here we come...

JANUARY 22,2010

We left about 10AM - 38 degrees. We have a new family member in the truck - I haven't met him "Murray" yet, that's his name I heard Karen tell Al "surprise we have a new pet his name is Murray and your going to love him.
Quiet ride as routes 93 S to 495 S to 90 to 84 the GPS kept trying to put us on rte 15 parkway 8' low bridges "YIKES".
I haven't seen many boats on the road but I like the looks of some of the trailer trucks and RV'S.
BYE - NH,MA<RI,CONN,NY,NJ,MARYLAND,,DC,VA,NC,SC ALL THOSE STRANGE NOZZLES GOING IN THE TRUCK AND ALL THE UNIQUE GAS STATIONS WE WENT THRU. We stopped for the night (1AM) at my favorite truck stop A Flying J on the border of NC/SC. I get to nestle in between 2 trailer trucks, lucky me. Murray came onboard me to sleep -BOY is he small. It's cold 48 degrees and bedtime.

JANUARY 23,2010

Up at 7AM = CHILLY 40 degrees. Al and Karen head in for Breakfast and Bathrooms. On the road again, boy do I miss having all those trailer trucks all around me.
Several fuel stops later and we are in Florida and at the Wal-Mart in Florida City it's 8PM Al and Karen go to do grocery shopping. Me, I' m relaxing in the parking lot checking out the 2 BIG RV'S that are parked nearby. Lots of bags are put in me lucky Karen gets to put the food away or at least out of the way.
WOOOOOO BABY check out the 30' racing sailboat with a fixed keel that just pulled in. It has a very unique trailer with stands and special tie downs. They parked right near me, I won't sleep tonight (be still my swing keel). I found out they need a police escort because of how wide the boat and trailer are. The guys told Al that they placed 4th in a race in Key West. Very interesting!!

JANUARY 24,2010,

I watched the 30' racing sailboat leave. WOW!!

We left Wal-Mart lot about 11 AM - got fuel for me, mmmmmm my tanks are full I feel GREAT, now all I need is to be in the water. Florida Keys here we come!!!!!
We attempted to put in at the Caribbean Club in Key Largo BUT big event going on, too many cars, traffic in lot is wild. Boy was it fun to back out of there. We put in at Gilberts Marina also in Key Largo. Warm water and it feels GREAT, hey I think I felt a Manatee touch my hull. Al did NOT set up the mast because of low overhanging branches in the Lake Surprise canal so we motored to our house. Arrived about 3PM.
It is SOOOO good to be in the Lake Surprise canal, I haven't seen or felt the crocodile that lives here. The great egrets, pelicans and white ibis all have checked out my bow, so far no droppings.
Murray has been quietly checking out his surroundings, I think he is cute.


JANUARY 25,2010

Lots of cleaning and sorting, Al and Karen are trying to fit so much in me I think my sides are stretching (ha-ha). Oh the TV's not getting good reception so the antenna goes back into the truck, yippee 1 less thing. OK Karen go through your clothes once more and get rid of more stuff.
Visited with Eric,our tenant for the house, everything looks great, he is now redoing the master bathroom, he just finished the patio blocks and gravel for the yard.
We are off the dock and motoring through the canal system to Lake Surprise. We grabbed a mooring and we start setting the mast and NOW I feel like a real sailboat.
About an hour later we are sailing WHOOPEE
Hey, I know where we are... Community Harbor, Tavernier. We anchored but its grassy I hope the anchor holds. High winds tonight 20-25 knots.
I can tell Al is worried about the anchor holding. I like it here and want to stay for a day or two, there a couple catamarans I would like to know better in the harbor. OH,OH,OH,OH, OH NO I feel the grass loosening on my anchor there isn't a thing I can do but hope Al wakes up before we hit another boat or go aground!

JANUARY 26,2010

3AM and Al's awake, thank GOD. Al starts the boat and Karen gets up too. Karen's steering around boats while Al is pulling up the anchor. Whoa we are swinging wild - Al has anchor up, Karen now has the stern starboard side against the bow sprit of another sailboat, Karen holds it off with her hand as Al cuts motor ( we have gone over the other boats anchor line- No damage. Al puts DOWN my centerboard and rudders NOW I am stable and able to steer properly (Karen could have used that). Now we are motoring out of Community Harbor and it's only 3:15AM. LOTS of wind, we continue motoring in spite of the cold 58* and windy 20 knots with 30 knot gusts. VERY dark, I like it but Al is cold, wet and miserable. I enjoy the bouncing from wave to wave, the rolling and turning as the spray of water comes over my bow and drenches Al. Al motors till sun is up and we grab a mooring at 7:20AM at Lignumvitae Key. What a beautiful sunrise. Now Al can rest, nope, now he is cleaning up anchor locker, deck and cockpit, he says if it dries we own it. THANK YOU AL I like being clean. Bed soon 8AM. Karen is up at 1PM, Al at 2:30. I am trying to recognize the sights , vibrations and noises near me. There are several pods of dolphin going by underneath me and lots of jellyfish oh they do tickle with their long tentacles. Lots of bird nesting on the island have come out to check me out then left when we don't feed them. I think I feel the crabs as they escape the crab pots on either side of us. Wow, several dolphins are jumping to my port side on their way to the ocean that I can see just past the bridge near Indian Key. Al and Karen are cleaning me up inside and just relaxing. OH, what a great sunset even though there are lots of clouds. Ha Ha Ha Murray got into the M & M's. (the picture is worth a thousand smiles). Quietly we all rest awaiting tomorrows adventure.


JANUARY, 27,2010

Left fairly early from the mooring at Lignumvitae Key. We sailed/motor sailed under the bridge to the ocean side and wow lots more room and water and fish and junk in the water (people are such pigs sometimes). Heading south watching the other boats and feeling the sea life swimming near and up to me. Lots of BIG Fish, maybe barracuda too, skates, sharks, and whales. Wow I do sometimes feel small. I see the channel marker as we turn west toward Boot Key Harbor in Marathon. We arrived about 3PM, lots of boats and no moorings available, so we set our anchor close to the bridge. I'm glad Al knows how to anchor, its so tight to other boats.
Its chilly 58 dgrees -70 degrees. I see a trawler and several sailboats that I can get to know better while Al and Karen go in to register and TAKE SHOWERS with HOT WATER. Me, I'll just relax and get to know my neighbors, Lots of birds, fish and boats. They took Murray into shore also, leaving me alone to meet my new friends.

JANUARY 28,2010

LAZY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love to listen to the Cruisers net trivia. I heard a great one today but Karen said I can't tell because she's going to use it a a rendezvous this summer. Found some dolphins playing in and out between boats. Lots of big fish nibbling on my stern and underside. Al went for dingy ride to Burdines to get fuel, Karen is cleaning again (thank you). We ALL just relax together as the sun sets again behind clouds and buildings. Murray likes to be on the table, he thinks he can see everything from there.
Dinner and bed. WHAT A WEEK!!!


More Splashes of Travel Memories from KARAMAL to come.

Signing off,


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Re: Karamal's January Adventure part 2

Post by Mildred Rose » Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:16 am

Hi Everyone,
Having a blast with Karen and Al. Here are more adventures from Florida.

JANUARY 29,2010

Lazy day here at the anchorage near the bridge at Boot Key Harbor. It's 56 degrees with a little wind. I am just floating at the end of my anchor line watching the other boats float at the end of their anchor lines too. I can't wait for Al and Karen to leave so I can check out the 40' trawler with the big hole in its side, I wonder what happened.
Yippee they left to go do SHOWERS and laundry. I have at least 3 hours!!!
Would you believe the trawler's hole was cut on purpose though I don't know why, for now its just a hole slightly above the waterline with a sleeping bag stuffed in it, they are in the process of fixing the entire insides of that boat.
Lots of birds here because the dolphins herd the fish to the shallows and then enjoy lunch. The birds are almost as smart as the dolphins.
Very lazy day. Once back on the boat I heard Al and Karen talk about the improvements in the laundry room and the new showers, wow humans get excited about the silliest thing - imagine water (showers).
Bedtime and its 72 degrees, boy am I getting nice and comfortable.

JANUARY 30,2010

Slowly we all get going today, Al,Karen and Murray are going to the Farmers Market and grocery shopping on their bikes. Have Fun (ha-ha). Me, I am going to check out the blue and white 38' sailboat that came in late last night.
Birds are beautiful but messy. I don't like what they leave on the boom sail covers or bow. I like to scare them by moving a lot. My favorite bird is the Pelican so big so graceful but you have to laugh when land and take off SPLASH.
Karen has been sneezing a lot. Hope I don't get it, too.

JANUARY 31,2010

Yuck, Karen is sick with a head cold sneezing, runny nose and a temp. I wish I could go with Al. Al took the dingy to get gas and explore. He also walked around the bridge. He came back and told us all about the stores and the people he met.
Karen sneezed and sneezed and sneezed till I though my sides were going to burst.
I did like it when she sneezed and it scared the birds BIG TIME.
Lots of dolphins in the anchorage. I felt a very large Tarpon swim under me in a hurry. I saw the birds go crazy when a lot of small fish grounded themselves in the shallows about 10 ' behind us.
Weather was 70 degrees this morning and 78 degrees just after noon with winds about 5 knots.
I do love to watch other boats as they attempt to anchor. Some are so efficient and others should just STOP. I'd laugh out loud but no one would here me over Karen's sneezing.



RAIN-RAIN GO AWAY, It has been raining ALL day. YUCK, Karen is still sneezing but I think she is better at least she's a little quieter. It's 68 degrees and raining like crazy but Al is going ashore. He's NUTS. Karen wrote out a lot of cards and stuff for the grandkids , bus kids and friends. WOW, the water is so clear that I can see the bottom and all the sea life down there: several small crabs,lots of tiny fish, jellyfish, sea grass, and lots of crayfish (oh, yeah) they call them lobster's here.

FEBRUARY 2, 2010

HAPPY GROUND HOG DAY, whatever a groundhog is, but Karen said he saw his shadow and that means more winter. YUCK!!
The Marathon City Marina called and asked if we wanted a mooring for the last few days we were here and we all said YES!! Al had a hard time to get the anchor up LOTS OF MUD. We motor over to M-9 mooring. Al and Karen go in for showers and a walk about. They walked down to the Daffy Doug Discount Dollar Store south about a mile. Very interesting.and LOTS of stuff. They went to a Cuban-Latin-Mexican Restaurant "Villas Blanco" for a dinner that was very good. They kept talking about the interesting decor - ceiling panels in groups of 5 with painted scenes on them.
We had to use the generator today because it has been so cloudy the solar couldn't keep up, Al said the battery voltage was reading at 12.2,about 50%.. Not as noisy as I though it would be but boy does it vibrate, I scared lots of fish, I think.
You should see the gorgeous 40' Catamaran at L-11, WOW the color of a beautiful bright sky. Multi hull boats set my swing keel a quivering and my lines a humming.


Generator on at 10AM we are down to 12.1 off at noon 2 hours and we are at 12.8 Whooppee!! I kind of like the vibrations more and more. Quiet day. Karen is cooking for the MEET & GREET at the Marina 5-7:30PM. Everyone brings a dish to share, their own drink, their plates and silverware. As always GREAT FOOD and Lots of really nice people (Boaters).
Karen and Al met with some old friends from Salem, NH with a 48' sailboat at the wall and met lots of new friends.
They went to the Tiki Hut afterwards because there was a very interesting duo of guys singing with their guitars. I could here them from my mooring (VERY NICE). Murray liked the MEET AND GREET specially the dogs BIG and small, two gave him a lick. Murray also enjoyed the music but the kids annoyed him.
They got back to me about 10PM and Al broke down the dingy for towing the next day. I can't wait to have the wind in my sail again.



Off the hook and leaving Book Key Harbor 7:30AM. Wind North 20 knots. Motoring - Big waves, everybody is getting sprayed often. Murray went back below to stay dry. I love bouncing from wave to wave.
About 10:30AM we saw a big plane very low doing turns that didn't appear normal patterns. Coast Guard announced a "Plane down" near Long Key. WOW we are in for some excitement now. We listened to calls back and forth, coordinates, more calls for aid in spotting plane down . As we neared the area the Coast Guard called off the event as a hoax. HOW RUDE.
Arrived Lignumvitae Key about 3:30-4PM and took mooring #3?. About 5PM I felt 4 dolphin visitors arrive under me and they came up playing near me. Lots of jumping and chatter. Beautiful Sunset in spite of the clouds. Everyone is relaxing ever so nicely. OH-oh Murray was using the phone, again. But he made up with Karen by helping with the dishes.
Raining again.Winds 10 knots, all is well, Goodnight.

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Re: Karamal's January Adventure

Post by Mildred Rose » Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:36 am

Hi Karamal here with more Florida highlights:

FEBRUARY 5, 2010

We left Lignumvitae about 8:30AM, cloudy 78 degrees. What a great sail 4-6 knots with just my Genoa (Jenny) up, the wind was 15-25 knots with gusts to 30 knots. We passed several sailboats all going south, some motoring and some sailing. What a sight. I don't think Karen minds as much now when we heel over as she used to (she didn't scream today). Murray was on deck for a short time then went below to help with lunch.
We arrived at Tarpon Basin (Bayside) about 1PM. We saw a sight at the north end of Baker's cut. Imagine 4 boats (2 Boat US and 2 Seatow) with towlines going into the mangroves. They were pulling HARD. They were pulling out a BIG 4 engine cabin cruiser (Motor Boat) WOW. I hope that driver has the money for the tows, the fines from the marine patrol and Key Largo Police.
I felt the disturbance in the underwater sea life for a while, now I know why.
Al, what are you thinking? This is a weedy area I don't want to anchor here! OK! have it your way and I hope we come loose! Thank GOD he put out a LOT of rode (lots of anchor chain/line). OK, I'll settle down and just relax in the warm water with all the weeds, sea grass, crabs, fish and birds. There is one other sailboat way over there, THEY are NOT in the weeds. The other boat is sending me good holding wishes.
Murray has disappeared - I think he's hibernating (we'll see)!
Bedtime all is quiet except for the night hawk and their prey (dinner).
There are now 5 sailboats sharing the basin area but none near us in the weeds.

FEBRUARY 6 ,2010

Off the hook about 9:30AM, OK, Al I'm sorry you were right, we didn't drag at all. I think the weeds liked us because Al had a hard time getting the anchor up.
What a great sail to Lake Surprise. We anchored and Al dinghied to our house/ truck to get wrenches and antenna for TV. Lunch at noon, WOW (that doesn't happen often).
Off the hook and sailing as we pass Gilberts Marina and go under the new bridge. I miss having the bridge tender beep a greeting to me as I went under the old Jewfish Creek Drawbridge. There were 2 dolphins in the Creek with us and lots of Pelicans too.
We checked out the anchorage off the creek - looks good and calm. It's 20-25 Knots wind as we enter Barnes Sound. then 15-20 Knots as we enter Little Card sound, 15-20 Knots under the Card sound Bridge to Biscayne Bay. We almost stopped at Little Arsenicker Island but it was all open (Thank You Karen) that area scared me too. We continued on to Elliot Key National Park and a boat slip. OK the slips are concrete (ouch) and can be difficult to get into in the wind, but here we come. We pulled in the slip pretty easy with 25 knot winds, then a couple came to help tie us off. They were impressed with how easy we got in. We watched several motor boats attempt getting in and wow what a circus. Al did go help several motor boaters to dock THEY NEEDED LOTS OF HELP!! One bounced off the end of about six slips before he got in with the help of about eight people on the docks. I don't think his boat was very happy with him.
I don't see or feel many fish in the this harbor, I think the way the boaters motor in scares the fish and I don't blame them.
Murray fell off the table on deck- wind way to strong for him. (He was hibernating in Karen's clothes locker under her towels) I think he fell in when Karen got out her clothes on Friday.
Dinner on deck and bed for Karen and Al. They listened to the music from the other boaters.
Lots of wind and we are bouncing in the slip.


FEBRUARY 7, 2010
Up early, OK who said I slept anyway? Al took a walk about the trails. Karen started cleaning again (thank you). I don't believe how much and where road dust can hide.
Karen did lot of reading and writing and knitting. Oh I had to laugh as she did her exercises. She also cooked dinner.
Murray likes this relaxed- laid back atmosphere, but I did catch him in the mainsail line checking out Al's handiwork -Al replaced the shelf that the plotter is on - lots of wires, hard to reach places for screws and hardware. I like it when he works on things in me most of the time but when he works with wires it TICKLES.
I checked out all the boats and they are just not that interesting to me: BIG engines, BIG radios, no head (toilet), pretty colors, and lots of chrome to polish. Oh well they all left, their owners have to go back to work/ school tomorrow. IT'S SOOOO LONELY , I am the only boat here besides the rangers 2 boats. At least it's quiet.


FEBRUARY 8, 2010

Al up at 7AM, he took his Zodi, bucket, Propane canister and shower stuff . Al returns refreshed from a HOT/warm shower (the showers here are COLD water).
Departing Elliot Key at 8:30AM and on our way towards Miami. We are motoring because the wind is N-NE 5 - 15 Knots (wrong way for us)
Good trip, no problems. THEN Al discovers ring-ding for forestay pin out on deck as he went to the bow to set mooring lines - YIKES Easy fix before Disaster. I knew something didn't feel right! Am I glad Al is always watching for problems and knows how to fix them.
We arrived at Crandon Park Marina 12:30PM. We even picked up the same mooring #3 we had last year. Al took the dingy to register me. I recognize the Catamaran on #2 and the blue sailboat on #4. Al's back and we are moving to a dock slip???
We are NOW set on N#24 slip and it's 2PM. Laundry top of list of things to do.(YIPPEE). I'll let them do there things and I'll just check out the boats near me.
Wow I'm with the big boats here port side a 36' Catalina Cruiser and starboard a 38' Motor boat, They didn't want to talk.
Al came back with fresh Mahi-Mahi he bought straight off the fishing boat. Al bought, Karen cooked it and Al ate it HE LOVED IT.
Problem with the motor it keeps missing. Al is working on engine, maybe spark plugs, maybe carburetor? I hope we don't have a bigger problem here.

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Re: Karamal's January Adventure

Post by Mildred Rose » Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:36 am

Hi, Karamal with more adventures,

FEBRUARY 16, 2010

I'm glad I don't have to wear clothes, Karen is doing laundry again and it looks like a long wait over there. Well 2 1/2 hours to do 1 load wash and dry but Karen met several ladies and men and she seemed to enjoy herself. Al was cleaning me and checking engine, it tickles when he messes with my plugs and wires, Al picked up the laundry and put it in dinghy that is tied up at the seawall.
They head into town to do library and computer time on their bikes. The library is a neat place it has a nature preserve around one end of the building and property. It's real neat with a garden, pond with stone seats and lots of birds.
They bumped into Bob and Carol again... Short visit then they all started back to No Name Harbor in Bill Baggs State Park, Karen and Al on bikes and Bob and Carol walking.
Now they are a sight coming back in the dinghy, imagine 2 fold-up bikes in their bags, 1 LARGE bag of clean laundry, Al and Karen. Thank goodness it is a short trip from the seawall to me. The dinghy kind of looks like the little train that could go up the hill except it's on the water.

FEBRUARY 17, 2010

I am off the hook at 9:30AM and on our way to Coconut Grove across Biscayne Bay. It is 56 degrees and 19 knots of wind is wrong way of course so I am motoring. The water is very choppy. We got #3 mooring with no problem, its just outside of main channel.
1PM and they load up with shower stuff. They plan on walking about and return fairly early. THEN...
They bumped into Carol and Bob and plans were made to meet at 5PM at marina office with 2 other couples to walk up to a restaurant for TAPAS and Mohito's. As best as I can figure this means they have appetizers for a $1.00 and 2 for 1 drinks from 4-8PM.
The restaurant is Las Calenbrina's on the corner of SW 27th and Coconut Ave.
Al and Karen, Bob and Carol, ?? and Joyce, Mike and Christine had the bar to themselves for most of the time and everyone had at least 2 drinks, so all were happy. as they walked back down the road to their dinghy's at 8:30PM, some LATE NIGHT CROWD (ha-ha).
Oh my, it's 44 degrees at bedtime no wonder my rudders are shivering. Even Murray has his fur fluffed up.


FEBRUARY 18, 2010

Up at 8:30 ish, it's 54 degrees and they are so slow moving ( I wonder if it has anything to do with TAPAS) Al and Karen dinghy'd in at 11AM . They took showers then did laundry (bedding). Done about 1:30PM and they went for a walk about to Library and stores. Karen got her nails done and she found a neat thrift store named "This n' That".
I don't feel any fish in the water, it's so cold and windy, about 20 knots. I can't get any of the boats to talk and several look like they haven't had a human on them for a while.
Bedtime and it's 48 degrees. OK, where is the real Florida weather!

FEBRUARY 19, 2010

Off the mooring and headed for Plantation Key to the Annual Nautical Flea Market that runs the 18th, 19, and 20th. It's 7:30AM 55 degrees and next to no wind, south at 5 knots so we motor sail. OH NO, my motor is sputtering, I'm shaking and oh it hurts so much.
Change of plan, we are now sailing to No Name Harbor so Al can get parts and work on my motor. Something is very wrong.
The motor worked enough so we could get anchored but I am still shaking and I don't feel well at all. Al took my motor apart and he's using 3 buckets for the carburetors and all the parts, I feel so exposed and vulnerable. I hope the parts come in quick and the weather stays good.
Al dinghy'd to the seawall and then rode his bike to Ace Hardware for parts for my drain. Al ordered lots of parts online at the Library.
I guess we will be here awhile. I'm not happy because if something happens I can't get out of the way, oh dear. I know Al is worried too.


FEBRUARY 20, 2010

Sun is up and it looks like a great day 72 degrees. It's warm, yippee.
Al biked to Library, Winn Dixie and Ace Hardware. (fun stuff). Karen stayed on me and cleaned and fretted about all day.
WOW, this harbor sure fills up on the weekends. Lots of BIG boats - 40 foot plus size cruisers, cigarette boats, and smaller motor boats all here for one thing "PARTY and MUSIC".
Some of them are rafted 3 and 4 deep. 4 large boats rafted and anchored together about 10 feet behind us. 1 of them kept his generator on ALL night. I can feel the fish leaving the harbor as the volume goes up and the dancing begins. Oh, what a sight to see. Girls and guys in almost bathing suits wiggling and whatever, all having a great time.
I'm wondering and hoping that all stays safe in the harbor tonight. I feel so lonely, most of these boats speaker different languages and I miss talking with the nearest boats.
Al is not sleeping well because he's nervous about us not having a motor working and a short rode on the anchor.

FEBRUARY 21, 2010

So much music and not everyone has the same thing on so it is quite chaotic but kind of fun. It's 75 degrees at mid day and the dancing is such a sight.
Quiet day aside from the loud music.
They are all leaving 1 by 1 until there is only about 8 boats in harbor, I think we can all breathe again.
No sleep again. Me, I'm a nervous wreck watching all the boats left in harbor as we learn from the radio that a cold front with high winds approaches our area again.

FEBRUARY 22, 2010

Al is such a worry wort - he's worried that we are to close to the coral rocks (we are), we don't have out enough scope (we don't) and he's still cleaning carburetors as he waits for parts ( he has 3 pails under the stern with all the parts in them).
Karen and Al are both down below because it is raining like crazy, Al keeps looking behind us to check how close the coral rocks are as he is making soda and Karen is making PB & J sandwiches for lunch. They are relaxing and enjoying the music from a chowder fest being run on shore by a local yacht club. OMG - Karen sees a BIG boat coming right at us moving fast. Al jumps up on the deck , grabs the boat hook and fends off at the bow Karen grabs the other boat hook and fends off the port side stern. WE NOW MEET OUR NEIGHBORS, Russ and Pat and their boat FIRST SNOW, a 50 foot plus Fleming cabin cruiser. They were going over our anchor line and snagged it. OUCH. Russ turned off his left motor so he wouldn't tangle more line on his prop then Russ yelled for us to cut our anchor line and Al yelled back we have no motor...SSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Russ said to raft to him as he was using his bow thrusters and starboard engine to keep him and us off the rocks a mere 10 feet away. So we rafted together as quickly as we could. Al at the bow and port side - Karen at the stern and port side and Pat running the length of her port side throwing lines to Al and Karen, setting LARGE fenders with Russ at the helm keeping us all off the rocks. We all worked together for several minutes, after we were secured together Russ used both engines (which immediately cut my anchor line with the line cutters on the prop) to motor us all tied together to an open spot in the harbor and put down his anchor, then raised it ,moved again then lowered the anchor and set it.
WOW, we are all safe and not in too bad of shape. We were glad we were able to entertain the yacht club after they entertained us with their Dixieland music.
Al and Karen climbed aboard "First Snow" so they could all SIT and collect their wits again, and let the adrenalin calm down. They introduced themselves then they sat and relaxed over a simple glass of soda, juice, wine and a sandwich lunch.
WOW, what a day .
We are still rafted together and we still don't have a motor and we now have lost our anchor. The ladies chit-chatted as the guys work on the problems.
Russ and Al using Russ's dinghy and a small navy type anchor attempt to drag for our anchor. YIPPEE, they found my anchor and chain and a small part of the rode (line). Al and Russ attached a short rode to it and marked it with an empty water bottle. The guys then came back to get me. Imagine a 12 foot inflatable dingy towing a 26 foot Macgregor sailboat around the harbor back to her anchor in 19 knot winds. Al rigged a large anchor to be ready to drop if I got away from them. A nice neighbor in the anchorage brought it over to help us when he saw our predicament, but my trip back to my original anchor went without a problem. It feels so good to be anchored and holding on my own, of course my rode is now many feet shorter, Al is going to worry that much more now.
The guys went back back to "First Snow" and joined the ladies in the lower salon for drinks, a snack and more chatting except now they are all much more relaxed.
Al brought our dinghy back to "First Snow" to get Karen and bring her back to me.
It feels great to have my people back on board but I don't like the short rode, I still feel so violated, I think it's going to take time for me to feel safe.
Lots of people came over to check us and ask questions about our adventures. What a way to meet people and other boats!!
Bottom line we all survived, everyone is friendly, and we met more new friends.

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