2010 Buzzard's Bay pictures and story

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2010 Buzzard's Bay pictures and story

Post by Mildred Rose » Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:45 pm

Pictures by Steve Silvia - click here

Pictures by Paul Seeberg - click here

Trip report by Paul Seeberg - click here

Buzzard's Bay Rendezvous by Paul Seeberg

Finally made it to Martha's Vineyard with the North East Trailer Sailors!

This rendezvous has been cancelled that last couple years for weather realated problems.

We got to our boat friday night, motored over to meet the group behind Basset's Island. On the way there, we got a call from the rendezvous captain that the group got a late start and won't be going to Basset's after all. Since we were almost there, we went there ourselves! Plus it gave us a chance to charge the batteries.

Spent the night behind Basset's. Very quiet evening. Then, it seemed just over us, there was a rain storm! Looking at the computer, it seemed like it just rained over our boat!

In the morning we left Basset's Island. Put the sails up for a nice sail down Buzzard's Bay to Woods Hole. Had a great sail down. made good time. Made it through the hole..sailed across to Martha's Vineyard to Lake Tashmoo. We sailed over 'Middle Ground', a shallow area in front of Tashmoo. Took the sails down, motored into the lake. We anchored in the back of the pond, to avoid some of the traffic.

Shortly after anchoring, having lunch, getting settled, the rest of the NE-TS club finally makes it to the pond. After getting the dinghy inflated, we went from boat to boat saying hi! Once everyone got settled, we dinghied into town. Took a walk around, got some ice cream at Mad Martha's of course!

Some of the group would be staying longer, we couldn't due to work obligations. They rented some mopeds to tour the island with. We went back to the boats. We had a nice dinner on board.

Ken and Judy dinghied over after dinner, had a nitecap and chatted a bit.

In the morning we departed for Marion. Made it to Woods Hole a bit later than I expected, and the current was stronger than I expected against us. The motor was reving quite fast and only making a couple knots headway! But we worked through it, and made it out... Raised the sails and sailed back to Marion on a Beam Reach!

Had a great time again at MV!

Paul Seeberg

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