Contest entries (Read me first!)

Story and Picture contest for NE-TS members
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Contest entries (Read me first!)

Post by Mildred Rose » Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:47 pm

Welcome to the NE-TS Story and Photo contest!

Below are the 3 category entries to be voted on. Please read the stories and look at all the images before voting (you will have only 1 opportunity to enter the voting ballot)

[*]NE-TS Rendezvous stories[/*]

[*]Pictures are posted here (CLICK HERE)[/*]
  • Use your browsers back button to return here once you are done viewing the pictures.
  • You may click on an image to enlarge it

>>>>VOTE HERE<<<<<
Please do not enter the voting page until you have chosen the stories and picture you want to vote for (choose 1 from each category)

(ignore the tiny print below)

To submit stories
[*]you can email me the stories and I can post them for you.[/*][/list]

To submit pictures:
  • Please email me the picture(s)
  • PLEASE include the following information:
    • Name
    • email address
    • Boat name (if you have one)
    • a TITLE for the picture
    • Please include a short description (1-2 sentences) of what the picture is about or shows
    • A note in the email that the picture is for the contest
    Please note:
    • Pictures will be posted without submitters name.
    • If all information is not submitted, you risk not being entered
    • Pictures MUST be in JPEG (.jpg) format (not PDF, GIF, DOC, or any other format)
    • Should be at least 800x600 or better in resolution. (suggested, not required)
    • There may be a slight delay in posting your pictures.
    • If you do not see your picture posted within a week or so, email the webmaster, as the email may have been bounced or marked as SPAM
You can submit as many stories and pictures as you like, but remember you will be voting against yourself if you submit more than one story or picture in a category.

  • should be related to sailing that you were involved in (not my friend did this....)
  • will be limited to adventures this season, and the past season (ie Jan 2009- Nov 2010)
  • adventures do not have to be sailed on a Macgregor or trailer sailer boat. Vacation sailing trips count
  • are to be submitted after Nov 1, 2009 until Oct 31, 2010
  • need to be in text format only. no stories in other formats (.doc, .pdf, etc)
  • are not to be linked to other sites (or NE-TS). They must be in text format in the appropriate forum
  • may be emailed to the webmaster to post for you
  • may be user posted in the appropriate forum if they have an account (or use the link in the members section to log in)
  • By posting a story to the above rules, they will automatically be included in the contest. Let the webmaster know if you would like to post but NOT be included in the contest.
You are encouraged to include pictures in your stories. Those pictures will NOT be entered into the contest unless you let me know you want them included. I think pictures make the stories more interesting, but are not required. You may link to pictures on your own hosting site. We can not be responsible for pictures not showing up due to issues on your hosting site. Email me the images so ne-ts can host them for you for best results.[/size]

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