Our 2009 BVI Adventure

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Our 2009 BVI Adventure

Post by svSPICE » Thu Nov 19, 2009 9:34 am

We just came back from a one week bareboat charter in the British Virgin Islands. It makes a great winter break,and the sailing is just amazing.
If you ever thought about going,now is the time-killer deals on charter boats,and the airfares are a bargain too. Trick is to fly to St. Thomas,and ferry to Tortola.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/16416775@N ... 387943959/
My trip report on TTOL
So we’re back from our BVI trip,and it was absolutely fantastic! Great weather,great sailing,great food and great friends!
We arrived in Road Town after a long ferry ride,including 20 minutes waiting to dock at West End,so our arrival at BVI Yacht Charters was after closing. No problem,as we told them of a late arrival,and they had the boat ready for us. We dropped our gear in the boat,and called our taxi guy for a run to CGB. We got to Myetts for the last half of happy hour,and Kapeyes final performance,and we met up with many of the TTOL group. It was great meeting Colleen and Don(Orange Burst),Malcolm (Manpot) ,Mike and Jeanne Bsewick(Jeannius),and Nick Willis and Monica from Leverick,and lots of other fun people!
After happy hour,we wandered down to Quito’s for dinner upstairs,and headed back to the boat. We gotta sail in the morning!
Sunday got off to a leisurely start,got some provisions,signed off on the boat,and headed out. First night stop was supposed to be VGYH,but after beating upwind for a few hours,I pointed the boat at Cooper,and went in for a mooring,arriving at 5pm. Dinner was very nice there,but the place seemed awfully quiet. Things are definitely slowed a bit in BVI.
The local canine worked the tables like a pro,mooching with his best poor dog act!
Monday we were off to Leverick on a bright breezy,perfect day. One long tack,past the Dogs,and the downwind into North Sound to Leverick Bay Marina. You can’t beat the deal that Nick gives TTOL members. On Nicks recommendation from Sat night,we took a taxi,up and over Virgin Gorda to Spanish Town. It’s the closest thing to flying! A spectacular sunset over JVD from the top of Virgin Gorda was a real treat. We walked from VGYH to the Rocks Café,and had a wonderful meal,but again,it was very quiet there also. Where is everybody??
Tuesday we checked in with BVI Yacht Charters who gave us a go ahead for Anegada,and after a chat with Nick,we were off.
The run to Anegada was some spectacular sailing,with 4 ft seas,and 18-22kts steady,making for a fast and fun ride. Our Bene 31 made the trip in 2:15,which seems pretty good for a smaller boat. Walkers chart and waypoints made it easy getting in,and after finding thin water near the outer moorings,we decided to move a bit and drop the hook. Here comes a big Moorings boat that flies past us,only to run hard aground in the sand! Coaching from the folks on Perserverance II got them loose,and they never turned back-straight off to Tortola they went! We stopped another boat from making the same mistake,and sent them over toward the deeper end of the pool.
Ashore,we headed straight for Cow Wreck Beach Bar,but no lobster,and no Walker there,so it was dinner at Neptunes-lobster ,of course.
Wednesday,we headed for JVD,but the wind was light,the trip was long ,there were no other boats around…so..we sailed naked!! Can’t do that in Boston Harbor!!
After a while we decided to motor sail,and felt the boat vibrating…hmm,I know what that is. We pulled into Monkey Point and I went over with a mask,to find we had “borrowed” a lookse fishing net! Amazing,but I was able to quickly unwind it,avoiding a half hour of dive and cut. Off we go! We anchored just off Foxy’s Taboo,and went in for dinner. The bartender and were discussing music,and it turned out I have a better Reggae collection than he does-so I put him onto my CD source.
Next morning it’s off to the Bubbly Pool,and we had it all to ourselves,and on the way back,we stopped and bought fresh pastry at the new place,Turnbull’s Bakery,next to Foxy’s Taboo. If you go there,ask for Roxanne,and listen to her story of being lost at sea off JVD for several days-it’s absolutely intense to hear her tell it.
Thursday,it’s off to CGB to hear Quito,but first it’s happy hour at Myetts,where we met up with Malcolm,then a bit later we met Bruce(Bee Zee), then off to Bananakeet for dinner. As we headed in for happy hour-major catastrophe! The dinghy won’t start! Grab a paddle-we can’t miss happy hour! Next morning,after some minor surgery,the dinghy was healed,and all was well.
Friday,we headed for Norman,another day of fine sailing,but unfortunately,as we were blasting in to the Bight,heeled under full sail,there was nobody from Yacht Shots there. We anchored behing the Willy T,also amazingly quiet. We dinghyed over to Pirates for dinner,which was pretty good,and actually busy,which was nice to see,but still,30 empty moorings on a Friday night?
Saturday,we sailed out behind the Indians,on one tack directly to Road Town,and sailed right up to the channel entrance at BVI Yacht Charters. I don’t want to waste a bit of sailing! After going over the boat paperwork,we were off to the Ferry. The trip was perfect-until Linda fell on the unever sidewalk outside Pussers. Fortunately,she didn’t break anything,but she sprained her foot and banged up her knee pretty good. Trooper that she is,she carried on,limping onto the ferry,and off to STT. After a day on the beach,and a few rum punches,she was doing better.

In spite of the mishap,we both agreed that this was our best sailing trip ever. We also both agreed it’s time for us to shop for a bigger boat,because we’ll be returning to BVI in our own boat in the future. Our semi-retirement plans for winter in the Exumas just got another destination added,and needs a boat to match.
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