COB (Cat Over Board)

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COB (Cat Over Board)

Post by whale » Sun Sep 13, 2009 4:01 pm

COB (Cat Over Board)

It was a cold and dark night – Wednesday September 9th. We had been sailing in Serenity - a Morgan 38 - on our northern trip for 2 weeks and were in Bucks Harbor – off Eggemoggen Reach. We had spent the last 6 days with some of the NE-TS people and were spending the last night with Frank Gibney and Diane, from Endeavor, rafted up to us. We were eating dinner and I noticed Renny (THE CAT) had jumped on to Endeavor. After a while several of us noticed different sounds at almost the same time – a splash, scratching, and a rattling of the rigging.

I jumped out into the cockpit and there in the water, almost invisible in the darkness, was Renny the cat. We couldn’t get down the ladder easily – the dinghy was on the davits. Loyd held one of the seat cushions overboard and Renny grabbed onto it and gave out several of the most mournful terrifying MEOWWWW’s we have ever heard. Frank got aboard Endeavor and could easily get to water level. Loyd passed the cushion to Frank and Renny was back on the boat. He looked like a drowned rat with big beady eyes.

Now he was full of salt water so into the sink he went. He had no problem with us washing him off or drying him. We are pleased to report that Renny is none the worse for his experience.

We figured that Renny would be a little more timid about crawling around the boat, but the next day he was out on deck walking the cap rail, looking at the water with one paw over onto the topsides

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