2008 Penobscot Bay Rendezvous

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2008 Penobscot Bay Rendezvous

Post by whale » Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:56 pm

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Penobscot Bay Rendezvous

8/31/08 - The rendezvous isn’t over but our participation in it is. I’d like to tell you our experience.

To start off, we didn’t sail my boat, ‘Whale” , but Loyd’s boat, ‘Serenity’. That meant we left on Saturday 8/23 in order to insure we would arrive at Rockland by Friday. It took us 5 days, 141 nautical miles and 28 ½ hrs ( about ½ motoring due to lack of wind) but that’s another story.

We contacted cruise captain, Dan Lacey Thursday morning. They were at the ramp but were waiting for Rick and Kathy in ‘Lady in Red”. They also needed to rig their boat. After almost a week on the water we needed to do some things – pump out, add water and showers for the crew. After completing our tasks, we walked over to the launching ramp, ate lunch together at the new restaurant by the ramp, and had a skippers meeting.

We weighed anchor at about 2pm and headed for Fox Island Thorofare and Perry Creek. It’s a great LITTLE protected harbor but, however lots of people know and it was filled up. I knew of Carvers cove, a mile or so away so we headed there. We all had dinner they a gathering on ‘Serenity’ and a dinghy ride back to the ‘little boats’ in a pitch black anchorage with crystal clear skies and lots of stars. The phosphorescence in the water were spectacular. It’s an absolutely gorgeous harbor with great holding and right on the way to our Saturday night destination.

The weather report talked about the chance of showers later Saturday so we headed out at 8:45 Saturday morning and the NWwind promptly died. It finally came back in out of the SW as we were headed down ‘Merchants Row”. It died again about 4 hrs later and we motored the last hour into Burnt Coat Harbor on Swans Island. Dan and Linda had taken a group of boats there last year and had a great time. I have to say, it is a beautiful place to go.

The harbor is a fishing village complete with a lobster pound, a place to by fuel and not much else. It’s a still unspoiled corner of Maine. There is a fellow who cooks lobster dinner and delivers it to boats. We missed him but we all dinghied across the cove to another place that sells lobsters and clams and will cook them for you. We brought snacks and drinks and had delicious lobster and steamers. We headed back to our boats for a quick stop and then walked over to Burnt Coat Light House. I talked with Kathy till the mosquitoes came out and they it was a peaceful night at anchor.

This morning they were heading back toward Rockland, hoping to stop in Perry Creek tonight and Pulpit harbor tomorrow night.

We, however were going on as we hope to be out for 2 more weeks. As I write this, I’m up Somes Sound on MDI (for those of you who aren’t familiar that’s Mount Dessert Island spelled like the dry sandy place but pronounced like the great foods you eat after a meal). We hope to spend tomorrow touring the island on their free bus service and then slowly head back toward home. There is lots to explore an not enough time to see it all this time.

Fair sailing to you all

Barbara Garland
Crew on Serenity

PS - For old timers, we made contact with Doug Pope, a former MOANE member and talked to someone at the Rockland Yacht Club who knows Steve Pierce, another former member. Doug was going to be away for the weekend and Steve was involved in his other love, car racing, this weekend.

additional PS - It's Thursday and we're headed home - but probably won't make it before Hannah arrives. Hope to hunker down in Boothbay tomorrow night.

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Re: Penobscot Bay Rendezvous

Post by Mildred Rose » Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:46 am

Penobscot Bay Rendezvous
by Dan Lacey s/v Spice

Three boats ventured out into Penobscot Bay on this rendesvous. Dan and Linda Lacey on Spice,Rick and Kathie Dieffenbach on Lady in Red,and Barbara Garland and Loyd Dussault on Serenity. The Macgregors met at the Rockland ramp,joined by Serenity,sailed in from Boothbay,on an extended trip. After a leisurely breakfast and setup,we got all boats under way around one pm for our first destination. The wind was a bit scarce for the beginning,but we all did sonme combination of motor/sailing to get to the Fox Island Thoroughfare. The thoroughfare is a winding channel cutting between the islands of North Haven and Vinalhaven. About two thirds of the way through,is the quiet anchorage called Carver Cove,and our first overnight stop. After dining on our own boats,we all dinghied to Serenity for after dinner "happy hour". The paddle back to the boats was amazing,with the zillion stars in the sky,and the glow of bioluminescence in the water,flashing with every paddle stroke.


Saturday morning we all sailed off the anchor in light wind,which developed into a good breeze once we were out in Jericho Bay. The wind took us almost directly to the top of Marshall Island-then quit,leaving us to motor down to Burnt Coat Harbor,on beautiful Swan's Island. Burnt Coat is the real"Downeast Maine". A working harbor,tucked in a sheltered cove. I tried to reach Kevin Staples,owner of the Boathouse,to have lobsters delivered to our boats,but no answer. Later,I had a conversation with Kevin, and got his new hours for next years trip,so lobsters this year involved a dinghy ride to Trafton's Wharf,a real no frills seafood place. After we all had our fill of assorted snacks and lobsters and steamers,we dinghied back and some of the group hiked up to the Hockamock Head lighthouse,currently being restored. Along the way to the lighthouse,our dessert consisted of wild blackberries,picked by the handful.

Sunday morning we said goodbye to Barbara and Loyd,bound for Mt Desert,and Lady in Red and Spice sailed on towards the Thoroughfare. As Rick was in need of ice and fuel,we made a detour to Stonington,where we had lunch at the new restaurant on the dock,wandered around town a bit,had ice cream,and resupplied. A quick stop at Billings Marine for fuel and off we went,our destination for the night-Perry Creek. This is a tidal creek,very sheltered,with lots of moorings. We "borrowed" moorings,which is customary there,but nobody came to collect or tell us to move. Rick and Kathie joined us on Spice for a sunset dinner,and we had a great visit.


Monday morning,bright and early.Lady in Red was underway for Rockland on what would be a windy,roller coaster ride back. Since we didn't have to be back,we left around ten,but after sailing out into the bay,we found it had gotten a lot worse,and after about a mile,we decided to change the plan. A quick tack and we were back in the Thoroughfare,cruising past the anchored windjammers,and back to Perry Creek for the day. It was a wonderful,warm,leisurely afternoon of cold beer and sailing magazines,hiking on the island ,and a dinghy tour of the creek,followed by dinner at sunset. And the sunset was amazing.
During my dinghy tour,I found another example of how small the world was. I met a couple "camped" in a rowing dory,and after some conversation,we realized that we had seen each other in Scituate 2 weeks before! We'll be seeing them on our next Scituate trip,no doubt.

Tuesday morning,the wind has eased some,and after motor sailing across for a few miles,we shut down the motor and ran reefed for the last 6 miles,with one of the windjammers closing on us fast,intheir full glory.
The takeout was almost uneventful,until the winch broke. A short ride down to Hamilton Marine got a new winch,which needed some modification. How nice to be next door to a huge marine refitting yard,where the guys fixed up my problem in no time. Linda and I finished up the visit with a late lunch at "The Landings" restaurant,right on the water.

Good food,great friends,and spectacular weather made this trip a great success.


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