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Mininal forum rules

Post by Mildred Rose » Thu May 15, 2008 11:19 am

Forum rules:

It is quite simple. I won't be a moderator nazi

1) I do ask to keep topics, well, on topic.

2) Commercial posts - please contact webmaster before posting or it will be removed.

3) There is no need for foul language. That said, I will not moderate/edit/remove messages with 'questionable language'. You say something, you take responsibility for that. I am a strong believer in the first admendment as well as personal responsibility. THAT said, I WILL moderate a post that turns into personal/professional attacks, not for the words, but the content of the message. PLEASE re-read your post before posting to ensure it is appropriate (on topic, non-agressive).Do not get the impression that the forum is a democracy. It is not. The webmaster/moderators can do anything we want.

4) Please do a search on a topic before you post. It is possible that someone has had a similar problem before. No need for several threads on a common topic.

5) Do not post something that is not 'Work Safe' without stating so in the title of the thread. I can't imagine something not work safe being sailing related, so post it in the Anything goes forum. Again, this comes down to personal responsibility. If you are not comfortable viewing something Not Politically Correct, or you think something is off color, don't view the message!! Quite simple. Please do remember - being a private forum, everyone knows who everyone is (or can find out easily). If you post something that might offend people... you ARE NOT anonymous. Again, I won't moderate 'questionable posts' if they are properly marked so in the title; literally - put Not Work Safe in the subject line - to let the reader know they could be offended if it is read.

6) do not attack or threaten members via instant message, private message or email. Again, being in the forum we know who you are. You will be banned from the forum, and possibly the club. We will work with law enforcement (provide messages, emails, posts, etc) if needed, with appropriate warrant. I honestly can't imagine it would come to this level at any point. But remember, everything is saved/backed up.

7) ANY 9/11 posts that imply or express anything related to a consipracy in any form will be moderated, even in the anything goes forum. 9/11 topics will only be allowed in 'Anything Goes/other' , but ALL posts must refrain from any comments about it being a conspiracy.

Do feel free to post, in an appropriate forum, a question, or post an announcement, something you did, trip reports, anything really, even something not about sailing (in the 'anything goes/other' forum).

Also - a good hearted video clip regarding forum and

With all the above said - the rules can change at any point. I will do my best to keep this thread updated with changes as they happen. Remember, everything is backed up with redundancy. simply deleting a message does not mean it went away forever.

Again, remember, the forum is not a democracy. The webmaster/moderators can do anything they want, for any reason. Although it will be minimally moderated, the moderator(s) word is final.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.

Paul S

"Mildred Rose"
1968 Ohlson 38
A boat is never 'finished', if there is nothing for you to currently work on, it is merely 'resting'.

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