Time Enough Cruises the North Channel

Dear Fellow Sailors,

Time Enough just returned from the Magnum Opus, the Shallow Water Sailor's two week summer cruise. This group is mostly Dovekie and Shearwater owners, and they do love to get into shallow water! Trips with them are always an adventure. This year we sailed the North Channel of Lake Huron. We launched at Spider Bay Marina in Little Current on Saturday, July 24. For the first week there were three Dovekies, three Shearwaters and two MacGregors. Sailing with Dovekies makes us feel like we have a large, luxurious boat. We went east toward Kilarny the first week, returned to Little Current to change crews, then west to the Benjamin Islands the second week. I'm sending the letter I wrote to the SWS newsletter that tells some of the highlights. It was a great trip and we hope to repeat it next year. If anyone is interested in joining SWS or getting their newsletter contact Ken Murphey, 20931 Lochaven Court, Gathersburg, MD, 20882.

Dear Ken,

Time Enough and crew just returned from a very successful and enjoyable Magnum Opus. First of all I would like to thank Nick Scheuer for organizing and leading the trip. These things wouldn't happen unless someone is willing to step forward and assume a leadership role. Thanks Nick! We appreciate it!

Thank you also to all the SWS family for making Time Enough so welcome. There is a certain mystique if you sail with snotters and leeboards that other boats just don't have. We do get into some pretty skinny water though! I really enjoyed cruising with the youngsters, Robbie and Gabby, Tyler and Abby (dare I include David and Laura and Ellen as "youngsters"?) Their enthusiasm and energy were an inspiration. From the start the cruise felt like a relaxed family outing. I'm glad we are a part of that family.

We had a wonderful cruise. The weather was hot and sunny for the first week and we got in lots of swimming. Wind varied from almost none sailing north from Hayward Island, to perfect beam reaching conditions, to too much toward the end of the trip. Loons were everywhere giving their wild calls, two moose gave us an early morning visit, Sandy and Leo were visited by a bear!, I saw my first adult bald eagle. The scenery everywhere was beautiful, granite and pine, and only a scattering of cottages. I was surprised by the large number of large cruising boats, both power and sail. Some areas were as busy as the ICW. Our shallow draft allowed us to get into areas the big boats couldn't go. Each anchorage was more beautiful than the next, but Old Portage Cove on Jumbo Island in Mac Gregor Bay I think was everyone's favorite. All to ourselves, deep, clear, warm water, warm rocks to lie on or dive off. We stayed there two nights (some boats three, but that's another story).

The hike up to Topaz Lake was another highlight. Carol and I started ahead, figuring that we were the slowest. We arrived first and had this lovely clear mountain lake surrounded by pink granite cliffs all to ourselves. The swimming was fabulous! Nick, Laura, Robbie, Gabby, Harry and Alice joined us and agreed this was a high point of the cruise. I felt sorry for those who decided not to make the hike.

My favorite times, as always, were the raft ups at the end of the day, particularly our last night when everyone came aboard Time Enough at Bedford Island - 11 people - a new record for us! The raft up is when we get to know each other and check out the boats and just gab. It's like a family reunion. I'm looking forward to next year - North Channel again, anyone?

Bob and Carol