John and Jamie "Dream Catcher" on Lake Sebago
May 24, 2005

We had hoped to get out to meet some of the folks at Winnie, but were busy launching our boat at Jordan Bay in Raymond, Maine, that weekend, and motored up to the Kettle Cove Marina, for the season. Sebago Lake in southern Maine is a beautiful location in the summer.

The first pictures that have the tarp over the mast, were taken when we just arrived at the Kettle Cove Marina, in a cold drizzle. We were glad we had thrown the tarp and tied it off over the unstepped mast. It helped a lot to keep the water off us but it was still a cold 3 hour cruise at 4 knots of speed to the Kettle Cove Marina from the Jordan Bay boat launch. The water was 43 degrees and the air was about the same.

I had made a oak trimmed lexan companionway door during the winter, and it was given the water test on this cruise, which it passed with flying colours.

We set a course towards Squaw Island, then headed north after carefully avoiding the shoals off the end of Raymond Neck, which have buoys marking them, but they do stretch out away from the shore quite a distance. In a Mac 26X they aren't too much of a worry with the shoal draft it has.

We then headed north through the area known as the Gut, which is between Frye Island and Raymond Neck, and passed by Frye's leap, where Colonel Frye jumped off the ledge to escape from Native Americans, who were pursuing him, and he made his escape good, to the island that now carries his name.This was in the 1700's period I believe.

We proceeded out into the big part of the lake, which was calm on this overcast day and set a course for the Dingley Islands in the steady drizzle. We had a Coleman lantern in the cabin that provided us with some heat and made it comfortable down below. Jamie brewed up some hot coffee which was needed very much, to keep the core tempeture from dropping to low.

On the approach to the Inner and Outer Green Islands, we looked to the GPS waypoints that were stored, to thread our way between them and then on into Kettle Cove.

On our arrival we were aided in landing at the dock by some folks who were spending the weekend on their powerboat. After we tied up it really started to rain in earnest, so we closed up the Dream Catcher and headed out on the 12 miledrive home. We came back the next day to raise the mast and later in the week, I attached the oak downrigger board so we would be ready to fish when we got the chance.

The other pictures were of the interior and after we had finished rigging the boat at Kettle Cove. We travelled on a full ballast, so it was easy to raise the mast at the dock, with the stability it gives. Jordan Bay boat launch, is a public launch, and a very nice one for trailer sailors. It has a dock that goes out a good distance and has room for a few boats on it. There is a parking area right there too, and its all located on Route 302 in Raymond, Maine.

I would suggest stepping masts at the dock or if you can get a parking spot away from the power lines. There are two power lines there to stay aware of, but that really isn't a problem, once you see where they are. Kettle Cove Marina is a nicely secluded and protected harbour, in the Dingley Islands area of Sebago Lake. They have slips for seasonal rentals and a public gas dock and store. They also have pump out facilities.

The Fine Kettle of Fish Restaurant is also located there. Kettle Cove Marina's number is (207) 655-4775 and it would be best to call them , to see if they have slips available.

John & Jamie
Dream Catcher

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